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Frost on grill.
Maine, October, 2012.
True, and terribly sad.

Color me yellow.

No shit.


These are Palestinians.

They’re more than just victims. It’s weird, but a lot of the times when people think of Palestine, or Palestinians it’s always in relation to Israel. They are the object to the subject. And we may not realize it, but in doing so, we take away their power and their identity. This…these kinds of pictures…this is the kind of positivity and awareness we need to be spreading! 

Bits Of Magritte by Ernie Button








We suck.

lol look at these two completely stupid things to be comparing with eachother go vegan

there are 200,000 wind turbines in the world and only 1 ellen page the world is fucted up

We need to build more tigers

really, a tiger for every 10 restaurants in a global fast food chain is pretty good. let’s keep up the good work, Earth.

this post is misleading because mcdonald’s’s goal from the beginning was to build ten restaurants for every tiger, each of those restaurants is owned by a different tiger and this doesn’t tell you that and it’s unfair and i’m sick of it

not to mention, this only says tigers “in the wild.” There could be plenty of other McDonald’s that are managed by tamed tigers kept in zoos.
And this is just for McDonald’s “in the world,” and don’t even get me started on that one.

well i’d rather walk 2 blocks and get a mcdouble than walk 2 blocks and get eaten by a tiger JUST SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT sorrynotsorry

Maine, October, 2012.

Me in Five is my other blog. I think it’s a neat idea (and why I started on tumblr in the first place), but it’s received exactly three submissions, all from people I know. Seeing it so barren and stagnantly pregnant with unfulfilled potential makes me Henri, le chat noir levels of sad. Thus, I will be deleting it in one week if submissions have not improved.

That vegan BLT was so good, I feel like I should dedicate a power ballad to it. I’m open to suggestions.

One person suggested setting, “Vegaaaaaaan bacon, lettuce and tomatooo” to the tune of “Can’t liiiiiiive, if living is without you.”

This and a range of other delights can be found at Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland, ME.

Human/Animal Time Conversion


Human/Animal Time Conversion

A Simple Request

A simple request: I ask that we remember—especially when war is in the air, and even more when its scent is disguised as something else—that most people in the world want the same basic things, experience the same basic emotions, have the same basic drives. People want security, acceptance, food, shelter, dignity, means by which to express themselves, and a meaningful existence. It is so perilously easy to villainize and even dehumanize the “other,” but they are so much like us. The “other” is my family.

A second request: That you pass these sentiments on, in your own words if you like, if you agree with them. A wave, or even a handful, of people asking others to remember sanity, justice, and humanity cannot be a bad thing.

(I wrote this in September—unbeknownst to me on the International Day of Peace—as a facebook status and comment. Seems like an apropos time to share it again.)

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Photos, drawings, thoughts from me. Some reblogs when they strike my fancy.

There's no theme to this blog (which I realize will probably relegate it to the tumblr bone pile). However, some recurring interests are:
Humor, words, history, lighting, sculpture, textures, puzzles, old-timey stuff, stained glass, cultural studies, sustainability, social justice, nature, religion, and sundry curiosities.

Thanks for visiting GrayMatter. Enjoy!

*Roughly half of content on this blog is from me, so if it's not a reblog, from a movie, credited to someone else, or something like that, it's an MLE original. If you credit thus, you will be in possession of my sincere appreciation. Gold stars and yummy treats and teas are occasionally dispensed in return for such kindness.


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